Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bank is cunting four letter word fuckers

Yesterday I checked my bank balance and it was £140 less than I was expecting. Apparently it's a normal and acceptable practice to take money from from customers 48 hours before the bills are due.


I know my bills are due out on Monday, that's why there'll be money in my account to pay them on Monday. Why not just start taking the money out when it's there, just in case I do something crazy like spend my hard earned money.

So I have a new mission in life. I'm going to try and be independent of a bank account as soon as possible. The biggest hurdles that I can see right now will getting my benefits paid as they go directly to my account and paying my rent as that's on a standing order.

Tomorrow morning I start finding out how I can do these things without a thieving middle man fingering the transaction.

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