Thursday, 26 January 2012

If you don't like it then fuck off

The big political discussion right now is that of devolution, more precisely it is about Scotland becoming independent from the UK.

They wish to leave the UK because Alex Salmond recently watched Braveheart again and still believes that the King of England has to sleep with a Scotsmans bride on the eve of her marriage.

The radio station that I listen was today debating about what would happen to the North Sea oil and gas reserves should such a split happen as they currently belong to the "UK". Seemingly, the best idea forwarded so far is to draw a line on a map, starting at the border and going out to sea (I'm so glad that we have such experts). This would leave Scotland with around 95% of the oil and 52% of the gas.

But wasn't it the UK government that funded the exploration, infrastructure, legal wranglings and selling of the licenses?

Not for the first time, it seems that what Scotland actually wants is not to have an amicable split from the UK, but to take the best parts of the alliance for themselves and to leave the not so good parts for England.

If you want to leave the UK Salmond, then leave, but don't be that ex that takes all of our DVDs on the way out.

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