Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WWE RAW - 2/1/2012

I recently started watching the WWE again. It wasn't intentional but I found it whilst channel surfing after getting Sky Sports activated, and before I knew it I'd watched an entire episode.
It's such good fun, like a man soap opera, and I'm enjoying it as intended this time. I'm just a viewer along for the ride. No spoilers, no over analysis, just balls out fun.

For the past month or so they've been playing these creepy, "The Ring" style videos, the general message being that our world is going to change on the second day of 2012. Timed with the re-emergence of Kane, I've been guessing that they were marking the return of The Undertaker.
So the video plays, the lights go out, the only noise is the crowd. So far, so 'Taker. And then lights appear at the top of the ramp. It the shape of a torso and some outstretched arms and HOLY SHIT IT'S Y2J!!! Chris Jericho was an absolute hero of mine when I was 15/16 years old. I really hope that he doesn't ruin my nostalgic memories of him, but he did outstay his welcome with about 5 minutes of preening and parading without actually saying a word.

Elsewhere, R-Truth spent the whole night stalking The Miz. Despite his pleas for help, he was basically told that it was tough because he started the fight a couple of months ago. This storyline has the potential to become massively enjoyable.

And the finale was exactly the reason why I watch WWE. John Cena is the target of Kane right now and was booked opposite him in a 6 Man Tag Team Match. However, Kane was nowhere to be found, and so the end result was Cena and Ryder emerging victorious in from a Handicap Match. Cue Kane's music, and Cena runs half way up the entrance ramp to cut him off. With his back turned, Kane emerges from the ring amid smoke and kicks the hell out of Zak Ryder, toying with him before going back into the hole in the ring, dragging Ryder feet first after him. Cena came back to the ring to make the save, and as he tried to chase Kane a huge torrent of flame came roaring from the hole. It looked fantastic, real horror film stuff, and just the kind of over the top showmanship that makes the show so enjoyable every week.


  1. Not a fan if im honest, but i loved Y2J :)

  2. I don't think Y2J's gonna be much good this time around, but so hope I'm wrong. Kane is still as awesome as he ever was.

  3. I used to watch wrestling before the rock started cooking